e-Grains obtains Digital Assets Issuer (EAD) Register in El Salvador

The National Digital Assets Commission has approved the registration process of e-Grains as a Digital Assets Issuer, marking a significant milestone for the issuance of Commodity-Backed Tokens.

San Salvador, December 20, 2023 – The National Digital Assets Commission of El Salvador has granted approval for the registration of e-Grains as a Digital Assets Issuer. This is a significant step for the issuance and public offering of tokens backed by agricultural commodities.

This registration is the first granted to a private sector company under the new regulatory framework approved in January 2023.

Following the approval, e-Grains initiates the application for its first issuance and public offering, the asset $ESOY, a token fully backed by soybeans. The company also plans to begin the application for the issuance of $ECOFFE, an asset backed by coffee, still in 2024.

With the registration as a digital asset issuer, the e-Grains company, part of the eNor Group, solidifies itself as a reference for the tokenization of commodities in the World, also becoming the first company on the continent to be regulated for such activity.

Rodrigo Mendes, CEO of the eNor Group, comments, “This is a strategic step for the group as a whole, which aims to consolidate itself as a reference in the tokenization of agricultural commodities and the distribution of tokenized securities in the World.”

Bruno Winik, Managing Director of e-Grains, adds, “The registration as a Digital Assets Issuer is essential for institutional investors to have governance when investing in our assets. Now, we embark on a new stage in the country and in the World.”

The issuance and Public Offering of the $ESOY Asset is expected to take place in January 2024, marking the first issuance by a private sector company in the country since the approval of the regulatory framework.

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